God Save My Beating Heart

by Sophomore

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Ophelia_ thumbnail
Ophelia_ The dept of it gets to me, It reminds me a lot of Eyes on fire by Blue Foundation (the original).
Its dark and sensuel. Favorite track: Love U Bad.
? thumbnail
? I've been listening to this since it came out. Only recently have I come into possession of some pocket change so I bought this finally lol.
"I feel like somebody else" is my favourite. It really hit me in a sore spot lol. Dang. Thanks though 4 real. Favorite track: I Feel Like Somebody Else.
Anthony Gunnarsson Greenwell
Anthony Gunnarsson Greenwell thumbnail
Anthony Gunnarsson Greenwell sad songs that make you bob your head side to side 10/10 Favorite track: Shallow Grave.
John Bochicchio
John Bochicchio thumbnail
John Bochicchio This tape is absolutely beautiful. The sounds just wash over you in the most meditative way. Absolutely stellar! Favorite track: Hologram.
Jos E.
Jos E. thumbnail
Jos E. constantly on repeat since release cuz it's just an all around beautiful debut, mellow and calm and sad and perfect for them golden autumn vibes Favorite track: Shallow Grave.
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released November 1, 2016

All music written, performed and recorded by Alex Sears. Additional vocals on 'Shallow Grave' and 'Hot Air' by Jess Greaves. Additional vocals on 'Cherry' by Frankie Lipman. Mastered by Hamish Dickinson at Phoenix Sound. Artwork by Alex Sears. Photo by Jess Greaves.



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Sophomore UK

Melancholy love songs from Bath, Southwest UK. Debut album 'God Save My Beating Heart' out now.

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Track Name: Hologram
I can’t help thinking over you
You’re like a phantom in your patent shoes
And I get stressed out when you don’t come around
You’re like an apparition,
Like I fell in love with a hologram

And when you see my face
Do you feel messed up and out of place?
‘Cause I do
And when you don’t come around I feel washed out
Like I fell in love with a hologram

You can’t just disappear
It doesn’t happen like it does in the story books
I’ll take my head out the sand and look for you

And when you walk by my house
Do you look through my window to see if I’m about?
‘Cause I am, but I don’t see you
I feel bleached out
Like I fell in love with a hologram
Track Name: I Feel Like Somebody Else
Coffee eyes looking in my mind
Morning light creeping through the blind
You get dressed and you play your song
You play it

Creeping in my mind
Looking through the blind

I feel like somebody else
I hold the words in my mouth,
Hoping they’ll never come out

Early night, take me for a ride
Daisy white with your mother’s eyes
My hand runs through your tangled hair
I need it

I feel like somebody else
I fear I’ve never been myself
Never meant to pull you down
Please never let your love run out
Track Name: Love U Bad
I wanna drink your love
I wanna lap you up
I wanna stop by your house when nobodies around
I wanna love you bad

I’m like a pale drug
You wanna use me up
And yeah, I’ll crawl back to you when I’m broken in two
I wanna love you bad
Track Name: Cherry
Follow me home
It’s too dark to see down the road that I go
And I’ve been drinking

I won’t say no, I’ll let you in
You sit down but I don’t
‘Cause I’ve been drinking

Sweet cherry, wherever have you been?
I’m weak, forever in-between
Heal me
Don’t need another day, don’t need another week of this

Followed you home
You let me in so I sat and I smoked
And you’d been drinking

Our friends said you’d changed
But you’re the same old stranger in the same old bed
With that same old head
That stupid head
Track Name: Shallow Grave
Oh my babe, you put me in a shallow grave
In a sunflower garden on a sunny day
Oh my babe, you keep my head beneath the waves
At a quiet beach somewhere on a holiday

Oh my babe, you put me in an early grave
In the nightshade garden near the byway
Oh my babe, you caught me looking at your face
I’d convinced myself that I’d never love again

God save my beating heart
I wish I never crossed your path
God save my beating heart

Goddamn my beating heart
I thought I knew you from the start
Goddamn my beating heart
Track Name: Sang Noir
A cherry mist comes over me
Chemical, head down to my feet
And I wonder how you made me this way

Sang Noir
Good heart turned bad just like I saw from the start

A wave of hands cling to my bones
And whisper ‘hello’ in muted tones
And I wonder how you made it so I couldn’t feel alive on my own
Track Name: Hot Air
I’m a hot air balloon
Promise that I’ll come back soon
I’ve been floating around
Been years since I saw the ground

I’m a hot air balloon
I set a course to the moon
She said ‘You’re so out of touch,
And sweetheart, you still drink too much.’
Track Name: It's Too Bad
Saw you in our favourite place,
And I walked away
Swear I see you everywhere but you don’t see me

Wondered if you’d recognise me
Since I changed my hair
Guess it hasn’t been that long but you were never really there

I built a wall in front of me
I made a mountain out of nothing
I saved a place for only you
You made a stranger out of me
And It’s too bad

I don’t wanna see my friends,
‘Cause they’re your friends as well
And I don’t wanna see your family when I’m in town

‘Hey, what’s new?
Yes I’m well
I’m doing it all by myself’
Track Name: Hush
Where did all my colour go?
I’m all washed out
Like a man in a silent film
I can’t scream out
The walls have eyes, they follow me

Bloody nose and dirty knees, I run away
But the past is a clever thing
It’s always in front of me
Laughing, joking, I can’t wake

Held a singing bird in a pale room, I wonder:
‘Will the devil be home soon?’
No windows or doors, only ocean and cloud
And I don’t wanna find my way out

So baby, hush

Where did all our shadows go?
The sun came out
Now I’m split in two
A hollow song creeps from my mouth
The walls have ears, they listen

Held a singing bird in a pale room, I wonder:
‘Will the devil be home soon?’
Is this my heaven or is this my hell?
I don’t think I wanna find out

So baby, hush